Miss Ava Rose Toronto Dominatrix

My name is Ava Rose and welcome to my little slice of debauchery.

I have always had an inherent kinky side and my love for domination has been a long evolution of self discovery. It began with subtle experimentation and grew into a love for the strange and extreme. I possess a need to find new and exciting ways to torture and please; new ways to tease and abuse. It is exciting to explore different people’s versions of kink and what drives them to be devious. Although I am experienced in most BDSM practices I strive to always learn better ways to do things and I always play safe. I am fully bisexual and I very much enjoy the company of beautiful, soft women and it is an absolute pleasure for me to dominate the fairer sex as well. Domination is my life’s passion and even if I seem sweet on the outside I can promise that I am a controlling bitch if you step out of line.