You will arrive showered and ready for your scene. If we will be engaging in anal play you will have prepared beforehand.

From first contact through to our appointment you will remain courteous and polite. You will follow all appropriate protocols for interacting with a Dominant. If you are unaware of how I like to be addressed just ask.

I have provided my phone number for TEXT ONLY contact. Appropriate hours in which to text me and inquire about a session are 10:30AM to 10:30PM. Any texts received outside of those hours will be absolutely ignored. Also if you have not booked a session within 5 messages I will stop responding. I am  not a vending machine for free chatting. If you would like to chat online inquire about my rates for this service.

If you are ill or still recovering please hold off on booking with me until you are well.

If you must cancel an appointment give me at least 48 hours notice. When I accept an appointment I have chosen to decline other offers so please be courteous.

Although I do enjoy sharing a beverage during our appointment if at any point you become intoxicated or have arrived to our appointment intoxicated I reserve the right to terminate at any time. Safe BDSM practices are paramount and if you are not of sound mind consent is then extinguished.