Specialized Sessions

Explore your darkest fantasies in a specialized scene crafted by Miss Ava.

Vintage Military Interrogation

I take you into the depths of your mind and soul with a WW2 Allied forces style interrogation. I employ various strict, cruel and manipulative tactics to bend your mind to my will and tell me the information you are sworn to protect with your life. It will not be fun.

Repent! Catholic Religious Role Play

You have sinned My child… come and unburden yourself of all of your dirtiest, darkest, salacious transgressions. Mother Superior can grant you absolvement and will be serving you your penance. If your sins are too heavy Father can assist in exercising your lusty demons for an additional donation to the collection plate.

Pincushion! Needleplay Scene

Have a desire to really make my heart flutter? Submit to a meditative headspace where I methodically push your skin to its limits. This is a special scene for me as it gives me the space to sink into you and writhe around in your subconscious, burrowing deeper into your mind and taking your blood as my offering.